Floating Beds

There has been relatively little evolution in the world of bed making, which is unusual when you consider that we each spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping! One of the most contemporary furniture items though, is the floating bed.

Now obviously floating beds don’t actually ‘float’ in mid air, as this would defy the laws of physics. What you can find are beds that have been designed in such a way as that they appear to float.

Three such examples are available from Scossa:

The Lago Air Bed rests upon four slabs of transparent crystal, giving the impression that the bed is floating. It is an impressive design from Daniele Lago who has added the functionality that the bed height can be adjusted.

Lago Air Bed

The Pianca Filo is secured to the floor by a non visible meth-acrylate basement, but much like the Lago Air Bed gives the impression that it is floating in mid-air.

Pianca - Filo Bed

The Pianca Filo XL is the super-sized equivalent of the Pianca Filo. In the XL version the headboard can protrude on each side creating a side table that can be used as a nightstand.

Pianca - Filo XL Bed

Of course if you did want an actual bona fide floating bed then you could always contact Janjaap Ruijssenaars – a Dutch architect who uses magnetic force to permanently suspend his bed in mid air (pictured below). Unfortunately this is likely to set you back somewhere in the region of EU€1,250,000… and it still requires the use of cables to keep it balanced.

Floating Bed

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