Scossa have a selection of contemporary designer mirrors from leading names such as Fiam Italia and Kartell. We're sure you'll be able to find something to finish the design and layout of a room in your home or office.

Fiam Italia
FIAM designs was founded in 1972 by Vittorio Livi and set about combining design with tradition, hand-crafting and innovation.
FIAM designs believes innovation is the important factor in achieving success focusing on Skilled craftsmanship, Design and Research in order to produce a finished piece which is a true work of art.

Founded in 1949 by Giulio Castelli, Kartell focus on bringing plastic into homes. A renowned, award winning designer, their furniture range includes mirrors, chairs and tables.

Here at Scossa we pride ourselves on offering you excellent customer service so if you don't quite know the style of mirror you're looking for, please contact us and we can advise on a suitable design.

&Tradition - Array Pendant


Calligaris - Double Mirror


Calligaris - Bubbles Mirror


Calligaris - Drop Mirror


Fiam - Calderia Mirror


Fiam - Lucy Mirror


Fiam - Reverso Large


Fiam - Reverso Small


Fiam - Rosy Mirror


Fiam - The Wing Mirror (Elliptical)