Easy methods to make a big difference

It is undeniable that we get bored of our interior design, and it is often hard to resist the temptation of a full re-decoration. However, it is easy to revamp your whole living space with subtle changes. We have complied a list of small re-furbishments that you can apply to your home, providing you with a fresh new feel.

Add a splash of colour

A brave pop of colour in the kitchen can go a long way. By replacing your dining chairs or breakfast stools with some miss-matched or brightly coloured pieces you can transform the whole room, creating a positive yet contemporary feel. The chairs capture attention and draw guests to the social hub of the house.

Create a focal point

Use a large print, mirror or light fitting on the centre wall of the room to create a focal point. This will pull the décor of the room together, and allow you to mix and match styles. Swapping the focal point by changing the print, for example, or swapping the position of your mirror will give the room a fresh new feel.

Enhance your storage space

Ensure you make the most out of your sideboard. They are not just a place of storage, they are a part of your room. By dressing your storage space with a plant, table lamp or contemporary vase, you begin to include it as a piece of décor. This can make your room appear larger and gives you more opportunity to play with the space available.

Add warmth to your room

When creating a contemporary and modern living space, it is easy to lose the warm and cosy feel. The simple addition of a rug can reverse this. It breaks up the vast floor space of an open plan living area and enhances the soft furnishings of your home.

Utilise the corners

An empty corner in a room can make it feel dark and unfinished. The addition of a chair can complete the interior design and fill empty space, whilst still in keeping with a chic and simplistic style. You can easily tie a plain chair into the existing colour scheme with a matching cushion or throw.

Contact us for more details

We have a wide selection of exclusive and high-end furniture to revamp and freshen up your home interior.  For more information about our products, or to speak to a member of our expert interior team contact us online. Alternatively you can give us a call on 01772 713 434.

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